How To: Mount a Google Nexus 7 Tablet in Linux

In Windows you can just plug it in and it’ll mount and recognise just fine, but in Linux you need to work a little bit harder. Not that much harder, though – it’s a 4-step….

1 – Get the right tools

2 – Set up a udev rule to do the right thing on connection

Add this text to the rule to specify the Vendor ID, Product ID and user who has access to the device (change YOUR-USERNAME-HERE to your username, obv):

3 – Restart udev and set up a mount point

4 – Hook it up

Plug in your Nexus 7 and select MTP device as the connection type.

Then enter:

At this point you should be able to read/write to your N7 via the /media/Nexus7 folder through any means you choose.

When you need to, just run either of the following for a clean dismount:


Source:, I just paraphrased it a little to simplify.

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