Candy Crush Rip-Off

Candy Crush Saga IconThis should come as nothing of a surprise to anyone with a few working braincells, but shiny, happy match-3 game Candy Crush Saga is bullshit. The game itself is allegedly free to play, and it kinda is – only it’s designed so that you can’t finish any but the very earliest levels without paying for in-game upgrades via micro transactions.

Now although I’m not a huge fan of micro-transactions and software trying to constantly nickle and dime me (especially in software I’ve already paid for – I’m looking at you Dirt 2/3) – if an application is free to download then I don’t fanatically object to it trying to entice me to purchase a few extras here and there to support a game I might enjoy. But this is where I do take issue: If you want to make any real progress in CCS it’s not optional at all to have to pay for items – without them your progress will be hideously, torturously slow – if any progress can be made at all.

The company who make the game (who I won’t link and namecheck) would no doubt claim that technically it’s possible to finish the game without making any in-game purchases. However I’d argue that it’s only technically possible in the same way that’s it’s technically possible to win fifty million on the lottery. Without that degree of good fortune, expect to play the same level over and over until you have no more lives left, at which point you can wait an hour or so for your lives to regenerate, or you can buy five more lives for 99 cents…

Or (and how about this for a deal) – you can buy a paintbrush to change normal candy into column/row destroying striped candy for a mere forty frickn’ dollars!

Forty dollars for an in-game extra? Nope - get lost.
Ahahahahahaha… No.

So, do the right thing and uninstall that money-grubbin’ time-vampire – you’ll be glad that you did.

7 thoughts on “Candy Crush Rip-Off”

  1. The developer of Candy Crush and Candy Crush Saga ARE THE SAME. Candy Crush was originally a web-only game, and Candy Crush Saga is the former game that is bigger and “better”, has social integration, and also available for iOS and Android devices.

    I think the Candy Crush Saga developer’s current financial state is behind the overpriced powerups on their game.

    That game should be recommended for advanced Bejeweled (or something similar to that one) players.

  2. I bought the paintbrush thinking I would get to paint a row of striped candy only to change 1 that’s right 1 candy to a striped candy. Big deal, I want my money back! Thinking about a law suit for false representation!!!

    1. Man… This is the dumbest thing I’ve read on the Internet in a long time. It is mind boggling that someone would be unwise enough to buy something like this—-then just assume it will do something more than what it actually does and then above all, showcase these bad decisions by complaining about them on the Internet. Some people don’t deserve computers or money.

  3. What a crap game. I deleted it at level 159. Just designed to sap you of your money after you get hooked. Very little skill involved, mostly designed for you to purchase lives and boosters.

  4. I don’t understand what the fuss is about. I play candy crush saga and am on level 257 and i haven’t spent one penny on this game. It just takes patience. If you get frustrated then walk away and don’t play it for a couple days and then when you come back it seems easier. I don’t remember which level it was but I was on one level for 2 weeks before I finally finished it. It’s a game. You gamble while playing because you never know which pieces are going to fall. Have fun with it!! :)

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