Microsoft’s IllumiRoom prototype aims for immersion

The basic idea of the IllumiRoom setup is that you tap into visual content from a console and have that content affect how a projector displays additional/augmented/related content onto the walls surrounding your TV – you’ve really got to see it to get it:

Interesting, huh? I like the idea, but… it seems a little impractical to have a projector on your coffee table. Also, to really take full advantage games would have to be created which deliberately interact with this system, which is increased developer effort, and how many people will have and use one of these devices? I really do like the idea, but I just don’t see it reaching critical mass right now. If there was a drive for people to move from buying large TVs to projectors in the first place – then maybe it would stand more of a chance of gaining high adoption, but in that case you generally clear the projection surface so it wouldn’t have to compensate for room geometry in the first place. Still, it’s a great idea and some very cool tech!

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