Radiohead as played by Broken Machines

I was going through some old hard drives the other week to grab any files I needed before getting rid of the drives, and in one of the folders I’d downloaded and saved this… (if you want to skip to the ‘true start’, go to the 1 minute mark or so):

How fantastic is that? I can’t find the rhythm until the scanner kicks in with the bassline – but then it all gels together, and the effect is rather moving. Maybe it’s just me, but I guess I kinda anthropomorphise the hardware, and feel that it’s trying to communicate with us (just not in the way it was designed to). Which is both awesome, and kinda sad. Who knows, maybe it’s just a sad song. I’ll link the original right here if you want to listen for comparison:

Relatedly, how the hell do you get hard drive read/write heads to vibrate like speakers? That’s some clever coding / manipulation right there. Well played, James Houston.

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