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  1. I like it.

    Some constructive points that you can take on board or bin…

    Logo’s are used mostly in small sizes.
    This one looks great embiggened.
    Scale it to within a 100×100 box and see if it still looks OK.
    Yours does for the most part.
    However, the measuring markers get lost… but I do like them.

    The bubbles also get lost in the detail.
    Maybe fewer of them?
    More contrasting colour?

    The text kinda loses clarity there too.
    Maybe the shadowing is causing it?
    Or a non-serif font would be clearer?

    De-saturate your image to bin the colour.
    Does it still look good?
    Yours does, I like it.
    Maybe try out white in the air bit and have the highlights as a dark grey or something?
    It may be better, maybe not, but worth a try.

    Did you shadow the whole glass container?
    I see grey shadow on the right outer edge and white shadow on the left inner edge.
    To my eye they don’t work well scaled down or de-saturated.
    I kinda get a little cross-eyed in the smaller version as the edges get fuzzy

    Speaking of fuzzy, I know this is not your original version but I hope the original is in vector graphics form so it will scale to whatever you need.

    I know it’s a lot of points but I’m not blasting your logo, I really like it actually.
    Wants you to have the best logo EVA!!!!!

    1. You make some very good points, thanks!

      I didn’t try scaling it down (which I should have) but I did take different background cololours into account, hence the ‘hot edges’ so that it stands out on white/grey/black and hopefully anything inbetween.

      The main use-case was just the 1 second logo while software boots, so nice n’ big – but if it was a proper stuio logo then it’d go on letterheads and stuff too, so I think you’re right in that slightly thicker measuring markers, fewer but bigger bubbles (square, pixelated bubbles, yo!) might maintain legibility better.

      I also don’t like the grey too much in the top-half of the flask, but without it for contrast you can’t have the specular highlights on the flask, which I do like. I’ll give your idea a crack and switch white & grey and see what it looks like.

      Your point about vector graphics is well taken, but for this exercise I just knocked it together in GIMP (raster) as a quick concept-test more than anything else. I know Illustrator, but there’s no Illustrator in Linux and I’m not as comfortable in InkScape so would have been fighting the interface all day rather than exploring design options.

      I’ve run the design past a designer mate at work who’s going to get together with me to discuss stuff too, I think his idea is to make it into a “monotone 3D-stamp” – so we’ll see! Will post an update when I have something!


    1. Wow – thank you so much! I think I like each of these more than my original – you’ve made my day! =D

      I like the bubbles-outside-the-liquid idea, and really like the tumultuous liquid (no flat, static ————- !), and the highlighting around the inside edges is a nice touch.

      Also the curvy font inside the curvy flask, and the white-on-white highlighting by simply outlining the highlight – why didn’t I think of that?! Lol.

      I’ll try to make some time experiment with variations on these themes and post ’em up on the weekend. And again, thank you!

      1. send me an email and I can send more and let you have the SVG inkscape file , glad you like them. Seems a fair exchange as I will more than likely be using some ideas from your kindly posted code! Open Source and all that

  2. I like the logo idea, I am not as well versed in graphics as I am sure others who posted are but my two cents from my experience trying Graphic Design over the past year and a bit at uni (and the horrible work I did on my own independently) would be to do something different with the text. I feel it looks a little bland, not sure if it is the font or not though. Also I would try putting the word ‘labs’ below or down the side of the bottle maybe? And if you are going to keep the measuring markers then maybe they need to be a bit larger or something just like shetboy said.
    Either way good work! I find logo design frustratingly annoying I spend way longer than I should on logos when I make them.

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