How To: Fix Unreal Tournament GOTY running too fast in Wine

I picked up Unreal Tournament GOTY edition on GoG while it was on sale for a pittance recently – but as it’s the Windows version and I wanted to run it on Linux, this means I either have to use Wine or a virtual machine. Wine happened to run the installer & the game – however it would speed up the game to ridiculous / unplayable speeds on occasion. After doing a bunch of googling about how to fix this via complex configuration file changes, limiting CPU usage etc. I saw that you could just enable VSync to fix the issue.

I have VSync enabled for OpenGL apps by default in my graphics driver settings – but it was having no effect, the game still ran too fast. It turns out that this was because UT was running in Direct3D mode, which although being translated to OpenGL calls by Wine, did not respect the VSync setting!

To fix this issue:

  1. With UT running go to the menu and choose Options | Preferences and then click [Change] under Video Driver you’ll be told that setup will occur the next time you start UT.
  2. Restart UT and in the graphics drivers screen that displays you’re likely to only see “Software Rendering” and “DirectX”… however, if you click the Show all devices radiobutton then you’ll see additional options, including OpenGL – select it.
  3. Either make sure your graphics drivers have VSync enabled under your graphics drivers OpenGL settings, or alternatively I believe you can modify the UnrealTournament.ini file and add the line:

    to the [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice] section.

That should be it – launch the game and it should lock to your monitors refresh, meaning zero tearing and the game runs at the correct speed. Hurrah! =D

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