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  1. Hey Mate,

    I’m all hooked up and followed your details. Very helpful so cheers.
    Just wondering. I’m trying to log into my league pass and it just says signed in failed.

    1. Sorry to hear that, mine’s working fine. If your credentials are definitely correct, maybe look at the NBA TV settings in your browser, maybe connected / allowed devices?

  2. Does this still work? Cant seem to be able to even download the NBA app, it just comes up with no download link, i can only put it in the wishlist.

    1. I was stuck at this point too, but it turns out there are two NBA apps in the playstation store, and one of them doesn’t seem to be downloadable(!?!). Try looking for the other NBA app in the store…

  3. I’m having trouble when I input my League Pass credentials in the settings part of the app, I’ve set my console as my primary PS4 for my US account but it keeps denying me, any ideas? Many thanks

  4. Anyone managed to make this work with the latest version of the App? It worked fine last season, but then the app was discontinued and I had to download the latest one but now keep getting the Sign In Failed error – I followed all the steps above.

    1. It happens to me as well, I’ve checked my credentials for league pass and its fine, however the new app requires the nba account and not the league pass account. Try to enter the nba account credentials and it will work.

        1. Yes create an NBA account and use it as sign in credentials for the new NBA App on PS4. It is automatically linked providing that you’re using the same email address.

  5. Used this technique with a Brazilian account last year, but having tried with the new app, neither Brazilian nor American accounts will work. Seems absolutely inexcusable

  6. Just signed up for my first League Pass, working fine on the website and the Gametime app on my mobile, but really bought it to watch games in the PS4 app. Redownloaded it after previous one was discontinued, I can log in fine, but trying to watch a preseason feed it just says “Content Unavailable”, only thing I can watch is the Recap (which is free anyway). God I hope they fix it. I’ve sent a ticket in to League Pass support about it. Is it working for US league pass? I’ve got the international version as I’m from NZ.

    1. You’re a legend – used my NBA account and not my League Pass sign in and it worked. I’ve been trying for weeks to do this. Now I get an “unavailable game” error for the Knicks/Cavs game for opening night, but at least I’m logged in with my league pass now.

      1. Usually the replay will take time probably maybe 5 hrs after the live game. The only issue I have watching live these morning is the broadcast available for TNT OT is only the camera angles and not the real broadcast.

  7. Usually the replay will take time probably maybe 5 hrs after the live game. The only issue I have watching live these morning is the broadcast available for TNT OT is only the camera angles and not the real broadcast.

  8. So they just released an update on my PS4 to version 1.01

    I still get the error message of credentials not working, but I’m trying to use my username and password. Do you need the actual email address and password not the league pass one?

  9. Thanks to this thread I can watch nba on the ps4 again. Worked last year but now needs an email address as mentioned above with the new app – last year was just a username. I’m in NZ and started watching the first game of the 2016/2017 season no problem. Thanks again!

  10. Mine works too in the Netherlands. But what I do know is that my mlb app’s streaming is al lot better. The nba app gives the same resolution as nba.tv on my laptop

    1. So in your previous streaming in PS4 it was not that good? Based on my previous subscription in NBA League pass on PS4, it was crisp as like the resolution of DTH broadcast but now it’s HD but it was like a movie or something

  11. looks like it wont work after end of the free trail? any ideas how to get acces to games? i can sign in but every game i tried to watch says “content unavailable”

  12. Ok, so here’s what i did:
    1. Registered an USA PSN account.
    2. Logged in my PS3 with the newly created account
    3. Went to Playstation Network – Account Management – System activation – PS3 system – Video – Activate (Success)
    4. Went to playstation store, downloaded the NBA app
    5. Logged out of the account, logged in to my standard PS3 profile (Romanian address)
    6. Opened the NBA app, tried to login with my league pass credentials, failed.

    I assume somewhere i do something wrong, can anyone point where?
    I should also add that both the USA PSN account and the NBA League Pass account are using the same email address.

    1. I had the same problem with my PS3 with failed login. The solution was to create an NBA account (different to the league pass account) and log in on the PS3 NBA app using the NBA account details.

      you need to make sure you create the account using the same email address as the league pass and it will automatically link.

  13. Hello, I tried to link my nba account with the LP like u said before but now I get the message Content unavailable. It seems like the two accounts aren’t linked properly. I also tried to create a new nba account using a different email address and updated my NBA LP account with the new email address but the problem persists. Any help please!?

    1. Salut, Vali
      Same thing here, both the ILP account and the NBA account have the same email address, when i login with the NBA credentials i get content unavailable. Only the free 5 min recaps can be played.

      Most probably we’ll have to wait for the release of the international app (available in Canada, South America and South Koreea stores) and try again then.

      Some guy on reddit said this:

      I emailed them and received this response: Greetings, Thanks for your inquiry and we apologize for the frustration. PS3 and PS4 apps will be available soon, unfortunately they will not be launched in time for the beginning of the season. Please access via PC, Mac, iOS or Android mobile/tablet, Chromecast, or via AppleTV, Roku or Xbox One. Best regards, NBA League Pass Support

      1. It seems the NBA App that we had downloaded using the US PSN account is only for United States, therefore any blackouts will be applied using the new NBA App. The international NBA App like what the league pass support says will be available soon which has no blackouts. Let us wait for the release of the new international NBA App.

  14. It seems the NBA App that we had downloaded using the US PSN account is only for United States, therefore any blackouts will be applied using the new NBA App. The international NBA App like what the league pass support says will be available soon which has no blackouts. Let us wait for the release of the new international NBA App.

    1. Ok. Thx. When will I know the app becomes available? Do I have to chek it out on the Canada store? I hardly believe that it will be available in Romania’s (my country) store.

      1. It will be available soon. They had discontinued the international NBA App maybe because they are still finalizing some agreements or the new app is still on process

      2. Most definitely won’t be available for our store. The last version, besides Canada and South Korea, was only available for several South American countries..
        Let’s just hope they’re gonna release it soon because i hate watching league pass on pc or mobile

  15. I got a message “Content Unavailable” today in S.Korea, I had watched the games without any problems using the way above, but suddenly it is not working anymore…….

    1. You watched the games with no problem until the 1st of November when the free trial (available worldwide) expired. So you’re in the same pool with the rest of INTL LEAGUE PASS subscribers.

      Anyway, i got word from NBA support last night when i asked about the international league pass users but i got nothing for certain..

      Dianis: Thanks for your inquiry and we apologize for the frustration. PS3 and PS4 apps will be available soon. In the meantime, you can access League Pass via PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices, Chromecast, AppleTV, Roku or Xbox One.
      Me: do you have any idea if it’s coming this month?
      Dianis: Unfortunately we are do not know when the app will be released for this season

    2. Same thing for me, I got a week of this app working, now it says “content unavailable” whenever I try and watch a game. Very strange…

  16. Anyone able to help me??

    I have got the League pass but when I log onto the PS4 it says User Credentials not valid.
    I am from Australia and have signed up to league pass (Through Canada with VPN) and a US PS4 profile both under the same email address and downloaded the NBA app on the USA Profle. I tried to get a Canadian profile on PS4 but it won’t let me download the NBA App on there.
    I checked on League Pass and my phone is linked on my acct but the PS4 isn’t.
    Any suggestions??

  17. I’m having the same problem, it looks like we’re going to have to wait, the best thing to do is use a connector to put your laptop on your TV and watch it through that, not ideal but good quality. What a shame!

  18. Hey guys did everything, got gametime app on my australian ps4 made an nba account same email as league pass account, logged into gamrtime app all good but when i try to watch any content it says “if you have a valid league pass account try logging in again” dont get why it would log me in then say that after trying to watch any games, the leagur pass account works on anything else.

  19. Any news here? I still don’t see updated international apps. Already linked my nba acct with LP one, I tried the US app and can open it on INT account and login but games don’t play. Unacceptable.

  20. I have a subscription to NBA league pass and I’m from the UK. I get the ‘Content unavailable’ message too, as reported by others on here.

    I know this isn’t a solution, but for those that didn’t already know – Chromecast has an NBA League pass app which works internationally. I’ve been casting to my TV from my mobile device and it’s HD quality. In my opinion the quality is far better than just hooking a laptop up to the TV.

    Still very frustrating though as I find the chromecast app controls quite fiddly, which makes it hard to rewind when Aaron Gordon busts out a ridiculous 360 dunk in the middle of a game! Still, better than the faff required to hook up cables from a PC to the TV!

  21. I had followed up to NBA League Pass support about the update on the NBA International App and ths was their response:


    Thank you for contacting support.

    We do not currently have a timeline; we appreciate your patience while we work on this with Sony.


    NBA League Pass Support

    Now I’m also thinking of purchasing chromecast which is cheaper than Roku or Apple TV

  22. Just bought chromecast last week and I am very happy with it. Actually maybe even more than with the PS app. Don’t have to turn the console on. Just cast from my phone or tablet and it works with great quality. Recommend this alternative.

    1. Thanks for that, I have no idea what they have to work on with Sony since the new app was released on the US PSN store…always a problem with Sony though.

      I have a PC hooked up for LP to my big TV, but because of flash player being garbage the picture is often choppy (youtube runs fine in HD, by contrast).

      So this sounds like a decent workaround, the streams are always smooth on the phone and tablet apps.

  23. Watching Christmas games on the PC because still no update on the International App.

    I might wait until the New Year, if not that Chromecast sounds like the way to go.

  24. Chromecast has HD quality streaming but watching NBA on PS4 is still the best for me as it was very crisp and like watching NBA through cable or satellite tv provider.

  25. I found a solution that does work and i was watching games today on the PS4 from Australia. You have to create a PSN account from Brazil using the same instructions above, and then download the NBA app from their PS Store. Only hard part was understanding the Portuguese when going through the set up instructions but if you are not sure use Google Translate. Log In with League Pass Username and Password and everything was all good.

      1. Nevermind, i found it after creating a Canada based account. It’s weird because it is not listed in the apps category but in the games. Looks like it was released on December 20th but no announcement was made anywhere..
        Well finally!

  26. So I can give my 2 cents on the 2 options.

    The Canada psn thing does work, made an account, downloaded the app, it plays on a psn account from another country. Though it takes a minute to load a game in, works fine after that.

    However, before seeing the update I bought a chromecast. Casting from phone or tablet, it honestly looks just as good, or better than the psn app. Just as smooth but seems like the resolution is better.

    Ease of getting to the app is about the same, boot up ps4 and app vs loading tablet app and switching hdmi to chromecast. As mentioned though using the workaround, for me at least, there’s a delay on the ps4 app getting to the game.

    So I’d recommend the chromecast option, it’s pretty neat for youtube and pocketcasts as well, plus you can mirror your mobile screen on it. Not a bad little investment.

  27. I’m from the UK and can confirm the process works for the PS4.

    Still can’t get any games in full however, anyone heard of any changes to that?

  28. I live in Germany – using this guide I was able to download/install the gametime app on my PS4 but after loging in I got the same ‘login failure’, so it doesn’t work here either. When I mailed to the support they also just gave me that random answer that the international app is coming but that there’s no timetable… frustrating :V

  29. Hello everyone,
    I had the same issue with LP not responding to my login and password. So I deleted US account and signed up Brazilian one, downloaded NBA app from Brazilian PS Store, which in fact is quite different than American NBA app, and the rest is the same (following switching between new account and yours, outside America). Now I can watch without any problems nba feed. So if you’re somewhere outside US and wish to use nba app with nba LP on PS4, I advise to follow the Brazilian path :D U can google the Brazilian postal codes, and following the Portuguese steps is really straightforward.

  30. It worked! thanks for that alternative path, I was able to get it running with the Brazilian account. Idk why but it took about an hour until I received the mail to verify the Brazilian PSN account. So if it doesn’t come right away it’s worth the wait, after that everything worked out very well :D
    Not sure if it’s really FullHD now but at least 720p and fluent (but maybe it’s just my wifi). I can confirm that the steps in Portuguese are just as easy to roll through as your original account setup. Go Celtics! ;)

  31. I have ps4 in europe. I have follow the instructions but it does not work. I can log in though. The problem is that when i click on a game it says content unavailable.

    I’ve tried using proxy server but no luck.

  32. Hi, I’m from the UK. Followed the steps but was met with content unavailable when trying to log in with my NBA account. However, follow the exact steps as above but use a Canadian postcode, city and state. It will work as Canada is covered under the international league pass (like the UK). Easier than learning Portuguese ;)

  33. 2017 update

    Try to follow this tips but it didnt work for me. Then, I looked for na app in my country’s PS Store (Brazil). It was na old and slow NBA app, very different from the american, but logged in fine and worked very well. So my advice for those who still finding solutions is to look for the app in your own country. They probably added for this season

    1. Ughs, way too soon… as soon as I try to load a game on the app it gives me the message to ‘watch it on NBA League Pass + their URL’ and doesn’t load it. Terrible :/

      1. =( Doesn’t PS4 have a European NBA app that works now? If not that’s an outrage. I haven’t had an NBA TV account for a while now so can’t test, sorry.

        1. My 2 cents from France.
          I took the option of the US PSN network account to download the app. Then using my NBA account email address, I have the game recap and full game but with US streaming options.

          And here is the answer from the NBA League Pass Support team few mins ago:


          Thank you for contacting NBA League Pass support.

          NBA League Pass is only available to stream through your computer and through iPhone, iPad, Android mobile and tablet, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast and XBox One with the use of the NBA application.

          There are no other supported devices at this time, however, we are always looking to expand the viewing experience. If you have any more questions please let us know.

          So I currently don’t know why I have access to full games. Is it something related to the trial 1 week period. Or is it really the benefit of my League Pass.
          Will make some tests later on.


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