r3dux on 2010-06-11
r3dux, on the 11th of June 2010, thinking about hats =P

Hi there!

If you’re wondering who I am, what I do, or whether you should you have any faith in anything I write on this site – then you’ve came to the right place!

I guess to start from the top, my name’s Al, I’m from Wales, and I’m a system/software engineer and university teacher. Or really, I was a system/software bod, and then I jacked it all in to move to Australia and get married to a great gal, and now I’m teaching at a local university and studying for my Ph.D on the creation of 3D objects using multi-modal interfaces.

I was raised on video games and coca-cola like so many of us, and I suppose I’ve used that initial love of gaming to push myself through the education system (gaining a B.Sc (Hons) in Computer Science, and a M.Sc in Multimedia in the process), which means that I can code in half a dozen languages and pull off Metsu Shoryukens first time at will* =P

For things I like, I guess music, gaming and coding (the more graphical oriented, the better) would be right at the top of the list, I love messing about with all kinds of tech stuff, reading, learning (and learning and learning and learning)…

The aim of this website is just to be an online repository of information and fun stuff – anything that makes me smile and/or might be useful to people. So if I code something up or if it takes me a number of hours to work something out, and I can write an article which outlines how to do whatever process and help other people out – then awesome! – mission accomplished, and if I ever need to repeat the process it’s documented. But if I just want to post pictures of kittens wearing hats then I’ll do that too – as this isn’t really a technical resource; it’s more like an online scrapbook. And if you find it useful or entertaining, then all the better =D


* = Except when I really need one. “At will” means “about 70% of the time”. Not a serviceable substitute for a loving, caring relationship.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Firstly it looks awesome….. I like this look much better than the first one…and fills the page more…gosh darn it !!!

    Secondly its awesome you are blogging again….you are a brilliant man and have a shit load of stuff in that brain to share with the world. :)

    and Thirdly (and most importantly to me) you sound darn bloody happy….now where the hell did us aussies put that cool change we promised you ??


  2. So this is what you moved down under to do?
    Only joking, blog looks great pal, you will have to give me some tips!
    Carry on sharing whats in your brain lol. God knows I think I know from experience roughly whats going on in there.
    Bony, Bony, Bony, Fag, Beer, Beer, Fag, Sleep (a bit), Fag, Dinner Tickets, Fag, Mung, Beer, NBA


  3. Hay R3DUX …good to see u pimping again home boy ;D Looks good with your upside down flavour. Hope things are fantastic

  4. You can code in half a dozen languages .. wow.. .. i admire u..
    because i found that it is difficult to learn how to coding..

    =D cheers!

  5. Loving your work as ever Mr Lansley,

    every time I pop back to this site things seem to change for the better!

    Hope everything is still going well in Auz!

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