Mirror’s Edge PhysX Cloth Simulation

I had no idea you could enable cloth simulation like this in Mirror’s Edge on the PC – it looks fantastic! Will have to give it a final run-through before Mirror’s Edge 2 comes out…

Note: NVidia GPU required or the PhysX processing will occur on the CPU and very likely clobber your framerate.


This all works wonderfully, until you get to glass being shot out and the game drops to 1 frame per second. And then you read up on it and set PhysX to run on GPU or Auto rather than CPU, update PhysX, rename PhysX dlls, rename folders to make it use the driver version of PhysX rather than the game version.

I could disable PhysX and it’ll run perfectly – but at this point I’m two hours of debug in and starting to remember why I don’t play games on PC anymore. Because the PC master race is a just a PC, with all its config foibles, glitches and issues. And that’s why I stopped letting it waste my time.