Tweet-Tweet Woof-Woof

Finally got some speakers yesterday after having been confined to tinny laptop whine and earphones for the last couple of months… Picked up a set of Logitech X-540s (5.1, 75W RMS) for $98 AU – and to be fair, they sound really rather good. As I’m using an ALC889 chipset w/ Alsa 1.0.19 ATM and it doesn’t recognise the true 5.1 nature of the beast I’m down to clicking the matrix-mode button to convert 2.0 to 5.1 – but as I’m mostly just listening to music, which is stereo to begin with, it’s not bothering me too much at all.


For the equivalent of £50 it’s a very good piece of kit, and although not having optical connections, will still put out a solid 5.1 from component cables if I wanted to hook it up to my 360 for example.

Most impressed.

Joy Zipper – Out of the Sun

I’ve been humming some Joy Zipper tune for the last couple of days not knowing what it was. Turns out it’s Thought’s a Waste of Time off The Heartlight Set (streamable tracks in link). But there’s not a video for that, so here’s “Out of the Sun” instead…

Bonus fact: Joy Zipper currently list their influences on MySpace as “Monkeys Banging On Tin Cans” – which I think is something everyone can enjoy =D