How To: Force Windows to Forget a Network Share Password

When you connect to a NAS in Windows, it will often helpfully remember the username and password of the NAS account it got access through. Forever. So, if you want to log into the NAS as a different user, well – tough. Windows already has a working set of credentials, and by jingo it’s gonna use them. The fix? From the command prompt, enter:

This will get rid of all connected share credentials, however you may want to just get rid of the credentials for a specific share. If so, you can use:

For example, the get rid of the credentials for the “Code” share on my NAS:

Now, to map the share to a drive and give it the credentials YOU want Windows to use, go with:

So, if I wanted to map the Code share of my NAS to the Z: drive, and access it with a user called bob who has a password MyClevahPass123, I’d use:

Done & dusted.

Please Note: The credentials you supply must be the username/password of the user the SHARE knows to grant access to, not just your own Windows username/password. Just clarifying =D

New XBox 360 Motion Capture System

Looks interesting, and I really don’t want to be a hater, but you’ve got to wonder about some things:

– How fine a degree of control will you have?
– If I’m playing a skateboarding game, can the camera tell if I want the board to do a heelflip, or a heelflip shove-it? Ya know, is it accurate?
– How accurate do -I- have to be?
– How knackering will playing fighting games be on a scale of 1 to fuck-that?
– How’s a FPS gonna work? One hand for gun angle and the other for forward/back/left/right/strafe?
– Who do I sue when I break my neck on the coffee table playing Mirrors Edge 2?

Also, it’s all showing an idealised version of things not real gameplay, as the kids fingers were covering part of the board when he scanned it, yet no fingers in the scanned image. Hmm, I’m coming off as a hater here – and I’m sure lots of cool uses for this will arise, I’m just not sure about how many of them aren’t kinda gimicky…

Also, the voice recognition will be like this – no matter WHAT you ask it to do =P :–n7sFI

Okay, so I’m cynical as all hell AND a playah-hater… Oh, well. I really hope it works out, but I guess the only way to find out will be to wait and see…

The Three Envelopes

Read this in a slashdot comment today and it made me smile:

An IT manager starts a new position.

All goes well for a few weeks, then something big breaks. Lots of pressure. Rooting around in his desk, he finds 3 envelopes. The first is labeled “Open at the First Crisis”. On a whim, he opens it and the note inside reads “Blame it on your Predecessor”. He decides to take this advice and to his surprise, it works like a charm, management is satisfied, he is given time to fix things.

A few months go by and a something much bigger breaks, seriously disrupting operations. He is in trouble. At his desk, he decides to open the envelope labeled: “Open at the Second Crisis”. He’d been saving it for something big, and this is it. The note inside says: “Form a Committee to Study the Issue”. He does just that and, to his surprise, it works great. The committee wastes time and accomplishes nothing, but blame is diffused.

A few years go by. The third and final envelope is labeled: “Open at the Third Crisis”. He thinks about opening it many times, but he waits, saving it for a real disaster. One day, it comes. Catastrophic failure. He takes a deep breath, tears the envelope open and inside, finds a note that reads: “Prepare Three Envelopes”.

Tweet-Tweet Woof-Woof

Finally got some speakers yesterday after having been confined to tinny laptop whine and earphones for the last couple of months… Picked up a set of Logitech X-540s (5.1, 75W RMS) for $98 AU – and to be fair, they sound really rather good. As I’m using an ALC889 chipset w/ Alsa 1.0.19 ATM and it doesn’t recognise the true 5.1 nature of the beast I’m down to clicking the matrix-mode button to convert 2.0 to 5.1 – but as I’m mostly just listening to music, which is stereo to begin with, it’s not bothering me too much at all.


For the equivalent of £50 it’s a very good piece of kit, and although not having optical connections, will still put out a solid 5.1 from component cables if I wanted to hook it up to my 360 for example.

Most impressed.