Free Advertising: Darrin Mortimer Painting & Decorating

Knocked up a business card for a mate the other day in Scribus – pretty nifty piece of free DTP s/w for Linux and Windows.. it needs some kinda washed out picture as a watermark or some lines or something… but hey, free is free – and if you ever need a painter and decorator in the Ballarat area you could do a lot worse :)


OpenGL: Chequered Tunnel

Did a bit of coding a little while back, just to use some stuff I’d been reading in my OpenGL books – so, I made a tunnel out of triangles which looks like this…


It comes towards you, the vanishing point pulses and the colours change etc. Also, it’s documented to the hilt, so you too can create simplistic, uninspiring graphical knick-knacks!

Let there be light!

Linux binary + src and makefile for Tunnel prog

How To: Mount a SD card in Linux

Just FYI and because I had to figure it, add the lines:


to /etc/modules and reboot with the SD card in the card reader.

Tada! SD card will automount. Mine gets mounted at /media/disk

For me at least, if the card ISN’T in the card reader when I boot I can’t get it to recognise it until I reboot with it in, no matter how much I modprobe. Such are the joys of the lin…

If -YOU- know how, please slam it in the comments. Cheers!

Update – September 2011: I wrote this entry a long while back, but in LMDE at least, you can just modprobe the kernel modules like this:

Then insert the SD card and it’ll pick it up, no reboot required.