Shadow Complex

Hmm… Could well be tempted to grab the demo of this… but when will I have time to play it once Colin McRae Dirt 2 comes out?! =D

Update: Seems like there’s a bit of a Gay Rights furor about this one, as it’s set in a universe created by pro-actively anti gay-rights novelist Orson Scott Card, so each copy sold is money in his pocket. Read further details. Make up your own mind. Personally I think it’s a great shame that all the hard work of the dev team has been tainted by the views held by one person distantly related to the project.

Mirror’s Edge – Fastest Time on Stormdrains One

Hearty congrats to the mighty Shetboy for getting this months fastest time on Mirrors Edge Stormdrains One on the 360 at 1 minute and 18.77 seconds.


Yes, not so many people play it anymore, but still – it’s a fine and well earned achievement – I salute you, sir!

I couldn’t let this gauntlet lie, so had a whack for a couple hours myself and managed to shave a few hundredths of a second off the time, so technically I also got a fastest time of the month, but if I did so, I did it by standing on the shoulders of giants!

BTW – Check out one of the worlds fastest times below – that tiiiiiiight! faaaast!!

And just out of curiosity, I looked up the fastest times for the level on each platform:

Platform Time
PC 00:55:59
XBox 360 01:06:61
Playstation 3 01:09:54

Hmmm… Can we assume from this data that most PS3 owners are backward hick/retards living in some hillbilly shack somewhere? Why yes, yes we can =P

New XBox 360 Motion Capture System

Looks interesting, and I really don’t want to be a hater, but you’ve got to wonder about some things:

– How fine a degree of control will you have?
– If I’m playing a skateboarding game, can the camera tell if I want the board to do a heelflip, or a heelflip shove-it? Ya know, is it accurate?
– How accurate do -I- have to be?
– How knackering will playing fighting games be on a scale of 1 to fuck-that?
– How’s a FPS gonna work? One hand for gun angle and the other for forward/back/left/right/strafe?
– Who do I sue when I break my neck on the coffee table playing Mirrors Edge 2?

Also, it’s all showing an idealised version of things not real gameplay, as the kids fingers were covering part of the board when he scanned it, yet no fingers in the scanned image. Hmm, I’m coming off as a hater here – and I’m sure lots of cool uses for this will arise, I’m just not sure about how many of them aren’t kinda gimicky…

Also, the voice recognition will be like this – no matter WHAT you ask it to do =P :–n7sFI

Okay, so I’m cynical as all hell AND a playah-hater… Oh, well. I really hope it works out, but I guess the only way to find out will be to wait and see…