Sam and Max

I really enjoyed the original Sam and Max: Hit the Road Lucasarts adventure game from 1993 – and finished it a number of times (first, I think on the ‘floppy’ no-voice version, and again when I had the CD-ROM ‘talky’ version). Later on, I even bought the season pass for both the first and second series of episodic content made by Telltale Game [2006, 2007], but then promptly lost the game data and the unlock keys from when Telltale were distributing themselves through a hard-drive crash. Without bothering to try to dig up receipts and pester Telltale for new keys, I let it slide… and then re-bought the entire series (now with additional season 3 goodness) in a Steam sale a couple of years back.

So now, 8 years after initial the release of Sam and Max, Season 1 – Episode 1… After getting stuck and putting the game down for a year or two (twice) – I’ve finished it!

Sam and Max, Season 1 - Episode 1, End Titles

And good fun it was, too =D