Cory Doctorow – Every pirate wants to be an admiral

The good Mr. Doctorow briefly discusses the progression of copying in culture from the earliest silent-movie piano performances to the Net, and how it’s reached a stage where the corporations are strong-arming legislature that will give you three strikes and cut you off if you don’t put your hand in your pocket.

Definitely worth seeing, if only for the grin-inducing progression of Performance-to-Piracy claims :D

Cory Doctorow’s TEDxObserver talk on kids and privacy

Cory Doctorow makes some great points about privacy, business and censorship at the 2011 TED talks.

Also, he gives Facebook a good kickin’, which I firmly believe is more than due.

Additional: Just in case you didn’t know, Cory’s an author and makes all of his books freely available electronically – and they’re really good! Check ’em out if you’ve a hacktivist bone in your body – although I wouldn’t recommend starting with Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town, try maybe Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom or Overclocked first ;)