ActionScript 3.0 Particle Systems #1: Random Motion

I’ve been working on getting my ActionScript 3 up to speed by going through a stack of videos purchased from, and fair play, I’m really quite enjoying it all.

Expect a couple of these kinds of things over the coming days and weeks :D

That Craig chap off learnflash really knows his stuff – top bloke.

Also, source code and flash files after the jump if you’re that way inclined…

Update I’ve updated all the code to make it start paused, and the animation can be toggled on and off with the space bar. Also, all Particle objects are now instantiated to a vector instead of just called by the same instance name over and over in a loop (which was just horrid code) so now we can access each particle individually through it’s unique element number should we so wish. I guess I was just really tired yesterday after doing like 13 hours of flash and I wanted to post something before I went to bed. Kinda rushed it – oh wells!

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How To: Use Clipping and Opacity Masks in Adobe Illustrator CS4

I had to cover clipping and opacity masks in Illustrator CS4 for a class I’m teaching the other day, and they’re rather fun and easy to do, so I knocked up a guide I thought I’d share.

Read this.

Create this:


Or something much, much cooler =D

If you fancy having a go, remember that Adobe Illustrator can be downloaded free for a 30 day trial (although the download never works in linux w/ firefox – so I grabbed my copy through Internet Explorer on XP running through virtualbox). Once you use it for a while and get over the whole fighting the software stage, it’s actually not that bad…