DJ Hero is Surprisingly Good Fun! =D

Like cheese Guitar Hero? Like peas Mash-Ups? Then you’ll love new Cheesy-Peas rhythm-action game DJ Hero! (in original and new strawberry flavour)…

No, honestly… I couldn’t have cared less about DJ Hero – because if I wanted to be a DJ and get money for playing other peoples records and talking shite then I’d be doing it already. But the wife had a keen eye and snapped it up for $49AUD (including the turntable peripheral) and hot DAMN! It’s actually really fun! =D

There’s something like 93 tracks that come with it by default, with the option to download track-packs and such, so plenty of diff music to mess with. You can play along with the deck and a guitar with some of the tracks to bulk up the at-home party angle (as it’s unlikely anyone’s going to have two deck peripherals), and it’s really rather good. I’m not sure what else to say without feeling like they’ve paid me money or something – I’m just shocked that it’s equally as good as any guitar hero or rock band game, I guess.

Also, it has DJ Shadow tracks in it (example). And he’s awesome =D

DJ Shadow – Walkie Talkie

I love this track… it brings back good memories for me. The Shetboy even re-encoded the videos off a Shadow single I’d bought, once (I think it was this and Mashin’ on the Motorway). Bless.

I guess it’s funny how different songs end up meaning different things to you, or how they make you think of your life when you were in a different head-space & place. And that everyone can name at least a few tracks that make them think of different times in their lives.

Music is truly awesome :D

P.S – The music is at a far higher sample rate (so sounds better) in the 480p version, but I’ve no idea how to force YouTube to play it that way by default, or at least I’ve read how (you just append &fmt=18 to the YouTube URL), it just doesn’t seem to work… You can enable a preference for HQ videos in your YouTube account settings (assuming you have one), but asides from that, it looks like you’re just going to have to click on 480p if you want the HQ version. Life is hard… ;)