New Tron Legacy Trailer

This looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun – can’t wait! =D

Relatedly, wearing my hat of cynicism +5 and staring into a magic eight-ball, I predict a re-badged Armagetron Advanced getting ported to every mobile OS in existence… which to be perfectly honest isn’t a bad thing: light-cycles ftw!

Star Trek (2009)

I went to see Star Trek (2009) (i.e. Star Trek 11) in the cinema tonight, and no joke – you should go check it out too. Without any reservation I can say it’s the best film I’ve seen this year.

Simon Pegg (Spaced, Hot Fuzz) was very, very good as Scotty, Chris Pine was excellent as Kirk, Zachary Quinto did a wonderful job as spock… Even Karl Urban did well as Bones…

I’m still processing it all.

Being a prequel, the character introduction was laid on a little thick, and the balance of accessibility to obviousness might have favoured the new-comer, but all in all, it was just fantastic. And watching it in Gold Class on big, reclining seats with beer and nachos didn’t hurt the experience one bit… It was action packed, dramatic, well acted, and made me laugh out loud at least half a dozen times – even the sound effects were retro-modern enough so that a phaser sounded like a modern film, but with a retro “galaga” tinge, and moving to warp sounded like I guess it always should have; like the dull thump of a thousand ton bullet in a vacuum – out of sight on the ‘G’ of ‘Go’…

The trailer for it shows you what to expect, but The Onion sums it up nicely…

Really, really good film. Be sure to catch it on the big screen if you get the opportunity – it’ll make your night, just like it’s made mine.