How to: Get detailed browser memory usage from within Firefox or Chrome

Well, you could use the top command, or maybe some ps grepping like this:

But that’s not especially friendly to read, so how about simply going to the internal memory usage page at about:memory? (Note: Just put about:memory into the URL location and hit enter – I can’t link to it because it goes to about:blank instead!)

Firefox Memory Usage - Internal Display

Presumably this is a cross-platform method, so available on any modern version of Firefox or Chrome. The details in the above screengrab were taken on Firefox 6 on Linux with two windows containing 8 tabs in total open, and it’s chewing on 316MB of RAM? Ouch. When my wife plays Facebook games I’ve seen Firefox eating over 700MB for a single window with a single tab running FarmTown or Treasure Madness or such, but I guess that’s more down to the bloat of those flash games than the browser… Still, good technique.

Credit where it’s due: Tip found on – good find!