Crysis 2 be lookin’ mighty fine in that there nanosuit

Since Crysis 2 is now out for consoles as well as PC’s this time around, I’ve got to say I’m pretty psyched to pick up a copy. I don’t have a PC with enough clout to play it (which I’m sure is where all the real beauty will be found – at 1920×1080 with 16xAnsiotropic filtering and all the gauges, dials and sliders turned up to 11), so I’m going to be looking closely at which of the 360 or PS3 versions is teh bomb, or at least has a significant chance of achieving combustion.

I’d imaging the footage below is from the PC version – but surely the console experience should be pretty darn close? Perhaps?

In some ways I hope that Crysis 2 isn’t a continuation of the story from the original game, because I’ve no idea what the hell happened in the first – something about spaceships apparently. This is largely because I still don’t have a PC powerful enough to play the original (and PC only) Crysis, despite having bought a top-of-the-range bleeding edge laptop two years after the game came out! By which I mean: I have a copy of Crysis, and I have a machine that, technically, can run the software – but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I can play it at 800×600 at low/medium detail with an erratic framerate dipping under 20fps more often than not.

Still – C2 looks stunning in the footage, and I’m sure the console offerings will at least offer a representation we can live with, until we save up for that oct-core with 4GB of video RAM, SSD and, of course, the latest in Quad-LRF support*.

* = Four Little Rubber Feet ;-D