Android dev is easy!

Well, kinda. It’s certainly easy to get up and running with the Android SDK and Eclipse with the ADT Plugin (Android Development Tools), as long as you know a little Java. Even the GUI stuff is all drag-and-drop, which I really quite liked.

To knock together a quick celcius<–>fahrenheit converter (from never having developed on Android to installing the tools and being up and running in less than an hour):

  1. Read this
  2. …which guides you step-by-step on how to build this:

    Android - App in Menu

    Android Temperature Conversion App

This has got me wondering how easy it is to integrate OpenGL ES into an Android app, which would be a pretty spiffy weekend project I reckon…

Google Wave Now Open to the Masses

I’m still not sure how useful this mash-up collaborative editing stuff will be to the average user, but it’s still pretty cool, and the video’s kinda funny :)

If you fancy a go, just head on over to and start mashing!

Update: Or not. Google Wave is now pretty much dead. Guess no-one else found it useful either…