How To: Play Band Hero/Guitar Hero 5/Rock Band 2 on a Soft-modded Wii

Assuming you’ve got a soft-modded Wii, most games will work fine with USBLoaderGX, however some newer games just won’t work with your standard Waninkoko cIOS 249 using cIOS 38 rev 14 (GH5, RB2, Band Hero, Mercury Meltdown Revolution etc.). To fix this you need to install Hermes’ cIOS 222 in 38 merged with 37 mode, and then tell USBLoaderGX to use IOS 222 to launch the game.

Here’s how I did it when I was fixing up my Wii:

1.) Grab a copy of Hermes’ CIOS 222 v4 from here and extract it.

2.) Connect your SD card or USB drive (wherever you store your homebrew apps) to your PC and copy the folder cios_installer (found in wherever you extracted the above archive/apps ) to the apps folder on your SD card or USB drive.

3.) Fire up your Wii and launch the app from the Homebrew Channel

Launch Hermes' CIOS 222 Updater v4 from the Hombrew Channel

4.) In Hermes’ cIOS 222 installer app choose:
– Use IOS249 to perform the install

Install CIOS 222 using CIOS 249

– Select to install cIOS 222

Choose to install CIOS 222

– Select to install it in IOS 38 merged with IOS 37 mode

Choose to install CIOS 222 in IOS 38 merged with IOS 37 mode

5.) Let the download and install process complete

CIOS 222 installed in 38 merged with 37 mode installs successfully

Now, when you want to run something like Rock Band 2, just use USBLoaderGX as normal, but when you select the game, select Game Load from the game settings and choose to use IOS 222 instead of the default IOS 249. Save the setting and the game will always use IOS 222, and always work.

That’s it – job done :)

On top of installing CIOS 222, I’ve read that some folk will run CIOS 222 installer again, this time using IOS 249 to install IOS 223 with the option IOS 60 merged with 38 – which gives you the option of using IOS 223 to try to get games working which might be particularly stubborn, but I didn’t bother doing this additional step as I don’t have anything that won’t run anymore! Worth bearing in mind in case sometime down the road some software does get narky about using 249 or 222 though…

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