Hiatus No More

You might have noticed that the site’s had a lot of pictures without a great deal of content over the last two weeks – this has been because I’ve been jetting around the world with the good wife (we went to Venice for a week, and then on to the UK for 10 days or so) and sadly I just didn’t have the time to write a bunch of tech articles and schedule them before I left.

I really didn’t want to advertise the fact that I’m away galavanting before I’d returned because i.) Nobody’s interested that you’re on vacation, and ii.) It only sends the message please burgle my house and hack my site – but now I’m back, the site managed to survive (including a StumbleUpon surge of about 50,000 hits over a few days – Hi Stumblers! ;)), and once I’ve got my affairs in order for the new school term I’ve got plenty of ideas for neat articles about lots of different things which I should be able to start putting together in the near future.

So, apols for the quite blatant image-as-post overdose and the slow response to any comments. Normal service will be resumed shortly once the jetlag stops kicking my ass.