Windows 7 has a twisted sense of security

I’ve got some lecure materials to sort out for Monday so I’ve booted into Windows to use Office, and thought a bit of music might be in order. So I access the NAS and noticed that I could quickly tidy up the letter E section of my music by dragging one folder into another – and then this:

Windoes 7 - yo safe!
Windows 7 – Safe!

Thanks for protecting me from moving a folder of mp3s there champ. And especially for the informative warning message specifying the nature of the problem.

It turns out that the issue is that windows is treating your intranet like the Internet and not trusting it, and you can fix this up by either twiddling the “Internet Options” of Internet Explorer or simply removing Internet Explorer entirely. The entire process takes less than a minute, and there’s a good guide on how to add your NAS to the known intranet addresses here:

Finally, as tempting as it is to remove IE entirely, might I suggest that this might not be a 100% wonderful idea (95%, yes..) because some (specialist / rubbish /silverlight-lovin’/ virtual-app-on-demand-type) websites will only work with IE, and if you really need to use one and don’t have it installed you’ll be miz.