dj BC – Another Jay on Earth (Jay-Z Vs. Brian Eno)

dj BC’s latest project album Another Jay On Earth smooshes Jay-Z lyrics over Brian Eno dreamscapes – and is beautiful.

dj BC - Another Jay On Earth

Also, if you like the music but not the rapping, you can get Another Day On Beat, which is the instrumentals sans Jay-Zizzle.

Fo’ shizzle ;)

Newport State of Mind

Some local talent decided to create a parody on Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind where they’re going on about how good New York is (take a quick swiz at the original if you’re not familiar – it’ll set up the parody) so they made their own version about the mighty Newport – and it’s rather good!

Having lived in Newport for four years (although been living in the AU for the last two), it’s definitely tickled me, but I’ve never seen the new shopping centre! Wasn’t there when I left! Will have to drop by in September when I’m back in the UK =D

Also from Newport (besides children’s TV presenter Josie D’arby): Goldie Lookin’ Chain (Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do and Half Man, Half Machine etc.).