New Job!

Hurray! I went for an interview today about getting a job as a lecturer at the University of Ballarat – and I’ve got it!

Starting on Tuesday I’ll be teaching C++ part-time, and with any luck will also get to teach a class in Multimedia… I’m absolutely delighted! :) Jobs are less plentiful with all the recession malarky going on, and with the 6-month per company limit imposed by my working-visa handcuffs, it’s not been the easiest thing in the world to get interviews, but I’ve persevered, and with the help of my partner’s friend managed to get some face-time with people and convince them that I’m up to the challenge. (Thanks, Jack!!)

University of Ballarat Bumper Sticker

As the work’s only part-time, it gives me stacks of time to get on with other projects, reading etc while putting enough money in the bank to pay back some debts and invest in the occasional tank top aardvark 360 game..

Good, good stuff.