Flo Rida – Low mixed with David Guetta vs The Egg – Love Don’t Let Me Go

Loving this DJ Hero 2 track atm…

This guy makes a couple of mistakes, but nobody’s got 100% on expert (or even on hard mode) for this on YouTube – I’d be tempted to rise to that challenge myself (especially if it’s just on hard mode) but I don’t have a PVR that can record from HDMI, so it’d be shonky phone-cam quality – and that dog just won’t hunt…

dj BC – Another Jay on Earth (Jay-Z Vs. Brian Eno)

dj BC’s latest project album Another Jay On Earth smooshes Jay-Z lyrics over Brian Eno dreamscapes – and is beautiful.

dj BC - Another Jay On Earth

Also, if you like the music but not the rapping, you can get Another Day On Beat, which is the instrumentals sans Jay-Zizzle.

Fo’ shizzle ;)

Norwegian Recycling – No Taylor, No Scar

The good lady wife’s been getting increasingly interested in mash-ups of late, and pointed me towards the NorwegianRecycling site, where they’ve got a stack of mash-up albums, all free, and all really well made. This track, for example, blends:

  • The Fugees – No Woman, No Cry
  • Jack Johnson – Taylor
  • Missy Higgins – Scar
  • Honeywagon – When I Come Around, and
  • Colin Hay – Down Under

Norwegian Recycling - Appetite For Reconstruction

As you do =D