Maxence Cyrin – Where Is My Mind (The Pixies Piano Cover)

Continuing a fine tradition in Pixie covers – this version by Maxence Cyrin definitely nails the rainy mood version…

He’s also reintepreted a number of other songs for piano such as Arcade Fire’s No Cars Go, Nirvana’s Lithium and MGMT’s Kids.

Just beautiful.

ThePETEBOX – Where Is My Mind? (Cover)

I’ve been on a Pixies cover trip the last few days, so I’ve been looking for all sorts of weird and wonderful covers, remixes and other paraphernalia. And then I hit this:

I just don’t see how you’re going to do a better one-man version of Where Is My Mind? than this one by ThePETEBOX* – phenomenomenal! =D

Relatedly, if you’re in a more electronic, minimalist mood – you could always try the refracture remix right here – both are top notch in different ways:

* = apart from getting the lyrics right – “see it swimming” not “singing swimming” =P