Adobe Flash CS4 & Drawing Tools Primer

As I’m teaching the programming section of Certificate III in Media, CUFDIG302A – Author Interactive Sequences, I’m going to post up my slides as I go along so anyone who wants them can learn ActionScript 3.0 – but as well as just the coding side of things, it’s useful to get an overview of what Flash is, what it isn’t, and what a couple of the most commonly used tools do. So here’s a Flash CS4 & Drawing primer…

Flash CS4 & Drawing Tools Primer

There’s a download link to the slides along with some legal gubbins regarding their use after the jump, so if you’re new to Flash and want a quick introduction, you’ll find the knowledge to start from absolute basics, learn the difference between raster and vector artwork, working with layers and drawing and grouping objects right here. This is just a quick primer, and is meant to tie in with the ActionScript slide series, where pretty soon we’ll be drawing things and then instantiating and manipulating them through our ActionScript code.

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