PS3 Motion Input

I’m really in two minds about this and Natal… but then when the Wii was first announced and you could see the Wiimotes for the first time it just screamed fad!, but once you do a little bowling or tennis is all sort of made sense… It was so new it just seemed wrong, but with time became commonplace.

On one hand, it might be cool to have true motion tracking, and I’m sure there could be some good uses for it – throwing grenades/punches, light sabres, manipulating object on screen – that sort of thing. But on the other hand, it really does look like some freakish plastic ice-cream or over-sized roll-on deodorant, and I’m not sure I want to play Fight Night Round 5 flailing my arms and dripping with sweat…

So the Sony device has buttons while the Natal is button free – and I can definitely see positives and negatives for both systems – but as to which will be the best, and which if any, I’ll really want to use, I genuinely have no idea until I can give them both a shot. And that assumes that the price is right… What do you reckon?

God of War III Released Today – Woo-hoo!!

Can’t wait to pick up a copy, though I’m undecided as to whether I want to get the GoW1 and GoW2 remastered-in-HD versions and play them first… I finished GoW a long while back but then moved to the AU (sans PS2) before finishing the second. Decisions, decisions…

[An hour or two later…]

Decisions made!

I’ll take the original GoW first! – and it’s not even available for separate purchase in the AU atm… How, you might wonder, can I get on the GoW1 train? Because the lovely wife only went and got me the super-mega-ultimate-swishy set which includes God of War Collection, GoW3, postcards, a soundtrack two soundtracks, an art-book, unlockable thingys and all manner of Kratos related goodness!

God of War 3: Ultimate Edition

Happiness is warm set of the Blade of Chaos =P

Best. Wife. Evah!

My darling, my sweetheart, my wonderful wife got me a couple of bits and pieces for Valentines Day…

And by a couple of bits and pieces, I mean a box full o’ everything that makes me happy!:

  • Hot beef jerky
  • Expensive Belgian beer (Hoegaarden)
  • This month’s Edge Magazine (this month for Australia, that is – we’re 3 months behind the curve!)
  • Limes! (I love limes! No, really! Half a lime squeezed into ice-cold water with a bunch of ice-cubes is teh bomb!)
  • Music & Video (a CD and series 1 of Brothers & Sisters – mainly because it has Brenda from Six Feet Under in it!)
  • Sour sweets
  • Hot sauce & a hot-chilli plant
  • Lovely, lovely Coffee (Vanilla flavour & Toffee flavour! Yum!)
  • Imported Root Beer!
  • A new watch ;) (okay, so it’s a candy watch.. but it’s made up for below!)

Valentines Gift Box

Oh, and only a frackn’ 250GB Playstation 3! And a PlayTV PVR (records/schedules recording and playback of TV, even HD stuff!). And a copy of Little Big Planet!

PS3 Valentines Gift
ZOMG! And God of War III is coming out soon!

Get in! :D

I must’ve done something very, very good in a past life…. Oh, and I got her a single red rose and a card. Must do better next year!

Ah, got reminded what I did in the past: Last year I got her a laptop… Swing, meet Roundabout :)

Linkage #5: Only the Good Stuff

  • The PS3 has finally been hacked. And it only took 3 years, 2 months, and 11 days…
  • Go-OO is a faster and better version of Open Office? ORLY? Could be worth a shot… Update: It turns out the version of OO that ships with Ubuntu actually includes the Go-OO patches, so if you’re on Ubuntu you’ve been using Go-OO all along. Ubuntu FTW! Obsolete: Use LibreOffice instead.
  • Nuclear fusion edges closer to the point where it can create more usable energy than it takes to sustain a reaction. Also, uses frickn’ laser beams of such power that they could boil 50 Olympic-sized swimming pools in a single second. Repect!
  • What the hell do all these ROM codes mean? Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (U) [T-Fre.67_Skaiboy][o1].smc, anyone? Know thine GoodCodes. (BTW: Original region: USA, Translation (deprecated) into French by Skaiboy, Translation version 0.67, Rom is Overdump #1 (so has more data than required to play the game, so the game could be 3.3MB, but the cartridge has had all 4MB of it dumped)).
  • 1001 Rules for my Unborn Son – I don’t agree with a bunch of them, but some are bang on the money.
  • Are you defecient in Vitamin D? Probably. And probably so am I…
  • Spray-on liquid glass is about to take off in a big, BIG way…
  • Live longer through Calorie Restriction? Maybe.. This Times Online article by (2005 “Food And Drink Writer of the Year”) Giles Coren is a great read, and made me laugh out loud more than a few times :)
  • The two prevalent (and opposing) economic theories; Free Market Economy (Friedrich von Hayek) Vs. Keynesian Economics i.e. government steered (John Maynard Keynes) as explained via the medium of rap. No, really. It’s actually a good laugh, and worth it for the moustaches alone, so if you learn anything – bonus! ;)