Miley Cyrus Vs. Biggie Smalls – Party in the USA Remixes

That guy’s a terror since the public-school era:

This one’s also excellent (it’s still Party in the USA – but mixed to “I Got a Story to Tell You” instead of “Party and Bullshit”) – in fact, it might even be the superior mix as it contains absolutely zero Miley Cyrus (just the Party in the USA riff).

ThePETEBOX – Where Is My Mind? (Cover)

I’ve been on a Pixies cover trip the last few days, so I’ve been looking for all sorts of weird and wonderful covers, remixes and other paraphernalia. And then I hit this:

I just don’t see how you’re going to do a better one-man version of Where Is My Mind? than this one by ThePETEBOX* – phenomenomenal! =D

Relatedly, if you’re in a more electronic, minimalist mood – you could always try the refracture remix right here – both are top notch in different ways:

* = apart from getting the lyrics right – “see it swimming” not “singing swimming” =P

Big Pauper – The Simple Life (These Fears Behind Me Edit)

Was listening to some Big Pauper (Panzah Zandah) stuff the other day when I heard this on the (free) Cops Eat Flowers EP – and I really like it, it’s kinda corky and has a cool beat and some nice samples and stuff. Perfect summer trip-hop/chillout stuff, so I thought I’d share.

Big Pauper - Cops Eat Flowers EP cover

There’s lots more free/pay-what-you-want stuff at the Big Pauper siteMe & THIS Army (Radiohead remixes) is especially good, and there’s also some nice tracks on the Beck remix album Aphids on the Lettuce!