How To: Fix Broken Sound in Totem on Jaunty 9.04

I un-installed ALSA and re-installed a diff version the other day, and somehow managed to lose sound in totem (i.e. movie player) in Ubuntu 9.04. Sound and video was fine in VLC (VideoLan), music played fine in RhythmBox… just no music or sound to avi’s in totem. Anyways, fixed it tonight – here’s how:

Run gstreamer-properties and change your audiosink to ALSA (assuming you’re using ALSA) or whatever you plan on using that works in other apps like this:


Then, open up gconf-editor and change the keys shown in the pic below to alsasink from whatever bastardised string it’s currently at:


And if all that doesn’t work (which it did for me) – try getting totem-xine or using VLC instead ;)

Comments always welcome if this does/doesn’t work for you.