PS3 XMB Wave in Flash / AS3

My second attempt at recreating the PS3 XMB “wave” thingy in Flash – I’m thinking it’s not too shabby for purely using blurred 2D lines for the waves. I’m sure it could be fine-tuned to match up with the real XMB better, but for what I wanted this is fine.

And all using zero 3D, and zero splines/beziers.

Not bad for 7KB of Flash!

PS3 Wave in ActionScript 3 / Flash

I had to cover a class on Flash today, and I haven’t touched it in over a year, so I got up bright and early to make sure I wasn’t too rusty…. and yeah… I was. Really rusty.

I was thinking in C++ and Python and Java, not thinking in AS3 and everything was wrong – so I decided to write a PS3 XMB (Cross Media Bar) “Wave-Thing” as practice. In fact, it doesn’t even do the waves – just the sparkles. Still, was a good exercise to get my head back in the game.

There’s nothing to stop me implementing the waves as fixed DisplayObjects moving in parallax (easy, weak), or via blurred splines (preferred, harder) – but at least I got the sparkles, um, sparkling…

I think I will do the waves, I need some spline practice…

Update: Modified so spark is allocated to MC with one of four levels of blur, increased spark density, spark has 50% chance of pulsing again without being re-initialised, spark has 1% chance of being big on initialisation.

Credits: PS3 wave background from:

Google Wave Now Open to the Masses

I’m still not sure how useful this mash-up collaborative editing stuff will be to the average user, but it’s still pretty cool, and the video’s kinda funny :)

If you fancy a go, just head on over to and start mashing!

Update: Or not. Google Wave is now pretty much dead. Guess no-one else found it useful either…