Words are not enough……

While we wait with baited breath for the mighty r3 to upload some pics, I would like to try and thank a few people that helped make our day so very special:

  • Mr Keith, who was left with the mighty tasks of getting the groom there, not loosing the rings AND getting some xbox gamer points for r3 over the 2 weeks…a fine job on all counts !
  • Miriam, I couldnt have asked for a more dedicated matron-of-honour.  Not many people could juggle a wedding, house renovations, a job and family as well as she can. You (and your dress) are amazing.
  • The Magical Bren, who traveled across the world on little notice with guitar pedels, xbox boxes, brown shirts and not much else. It’s been a joy to send her home with some new clothes :)
  • Dad and Rita, so many things to thank you for, where to begin, I guess my biggest thanks has to be for dad only taking 5 minutes to get ready :P   and to Rita for being the biggest pack-rat in the BEST way
  • Michaela, for her excellent idea hunting and invite design.  I would still be on a puddle on the floor without you.
  • Rachael, for getting dragged to Melbourne with a nearly hysterical woman and still smiling thru trying on every dress in the shop…. Patience is thy middle name !
  • Susan, for the forward planning of getting married about 2 years ago thus having a suit in exactly the right size for Lochlan. Oh and thanks Jacob too for sharing
  • Jacci, for delivering the cake to the venue, a job no one wanted yet everyone enjoyed.  Thanks hun, your calm driving skills are now legendary.
  • Jack, Karina, and all my photographic team, thanks for the awesome shots of our day.  Better than any professional photographer
  • David Ward, a  totally awesome celebrant who knew what we wanted better than we did, and was BEYOND patient with our ‘we will let you know tomorrow’ s
  • The City Oval Hotel, Craigs Royal Hotel, and The Limoman, location, location, we had the best of the best, and the Limo was THE most awesome surprise for my super-stars.  I highly recommend !
  • Caitlyn, Rachael and Lochlan, Thank you our darling kids for sharing our special day and being so good.  Special kudos to Lochlan for his meet-and -greet skills which were the talk of the town. Love you all so much.
  • All who attended, thank you so much for travelling, attending and making our night as awesome as you all are…
  • All who sent cards, emails and flowers, such a shame you couldn’t be here in person, but in our hearts you were

So in closing (from the closing remarks from the ceremony)….

        Of all the yesterdays that make them who they are, bring them tomorrows that are full of endless and wonderful possibilities

Thank you all for being part of our yesterdays and our tomorrows…